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Doctor Jargon: Genomics

Genomics is the second in the Dr Jargon series, designed to encourage health professionals to use simple, jargon-free language when discussing genomics with patients and service-users.

Science can seem like a foreign language to many people, it can be particularly confusing in a clinical setting. Being unwell or visiting the hospital can be a scary, overwhelming experience, and despite the best efforts of professionals, patients can feel confused. Patients may find it easier to concentrate on getting better when they understand what’s really going on.

Amanda Pichini, Genetic Counsellor, Lead Genomics Practitioner,
West of England Genomic Medicine Centre.

“Clear communication is essential when discussing genetic and genomic concepts with patients, as they may be needing to understand this information for themselves or their children, or to explain to other family members. Dr Jargon provides a great educational opportunity to interact with colleagues and emphasize the importance of this for their practice.”

Dr Michelle Bishop, Education Lead,
Health Education England's Genomics Education Programme.

“Genomics is full of jargon, and we often slip into using these words when talking with colleagues because we share this common language. However, our patients and their families constantly tell us that they want information provided to them using clear and understandable language. This game provides a fun, but structured way for clinicians, and trainees, to practice explaining complex genomic terms without using the associated jargon and can be used as a self-directed learning exercise, or as part of a formal course.”

Lose the jargon – practise patient-friendly language

Dr Jargon: Genomics challenges players to describe and guess genomics-related terms against the clock. Players take turns to select a card and describe the genomics-related term on it to their teammates, but don’t mention any of the jargon words listed on your card – you’ll get “busted” by the opposite team and lose a point!

Playing Dr Jargon encourages players to think outside the box, and consider alternative ways of describing conditions and treatments. It’s a fun way for professionals and students to practise using simple, patient-friendly language. Players will think creatively and figure out how to explain complex terms without relying on complicated jargon!

How many will you describe without getting “busted”?

Designed for all health professionals

The benefits of playing Dr Jargon: Genomics can be enjoyed by any health professional or student. Dr Jargon will help you to improve how you communicate with patients and service-users.

If you’re a doctor, medical student, nurse, or allied health professional, it’s time to welcome Dr Jargon into your team!

  •   3 - 8 players

  •    Up to 30 minutes of play

  •    95 cards

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Dr Jargon

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